Sara was a brilliant, straight A student. Everyone expected a bright future for her since she was five years old. She had a cheerful character with multi-interests and many friends. She’s been always good at multitasking and she could always get things done right. When she graduated, she was hired through the alumni office for her academic excellence. But, she ended up struggling at her job!

If you faced a similar scenario with one of your “expected stars” or had been through the same situation, then you reached your destination. Connect in Colors (CIC) can help you find the exit way. We can help you find answers and sort it out.

Ready for Life?
Many managers these days deal with the same situation. The straight A students are not performing as expected! They could be really smart but they are unable to fit into the corporate life. No one listens to them and they get blocked while trying to take up the corporate ladder.

Effective communication, teamwork and leadership assertion are some of the challenges these young talents are facing. There’s a thin line between school and work life. If passed, graduates’ transition into the corporate environment will be a success story. They need to accept it’s not about “right or wrong”. It’s no more about getting the essay done and passing the exam. They need life coaching.

Why Choose CIC?

  • We simplify communication through explaining the VAK Module (standing for Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic), so people can adapt to the speaker’s communication preferences and build rapport.
  • We can help people “stand in others’ shoes” through the perceptual positions technique. This method helps in developing emotional intelligence and high performance.
  • Leadership is another trait that we look into through the “Accessing States” strategy. This technique helps people connect with their resourceful state of mind to achieve the best they can.
  • Much more comes along the way. Our methods are personalized and all help to accelerate business results.


  • Get practical life sessions and strategies on how to manage relations at work.
  • Understand the different techniques in communication and apply the best choice per situation.
  • Get unbiased input to improve performance and get positive results in life.
  • Develop a sense of clarity on their personal and career goals and how to achieve these.
  • Assert your personal brand and added value at the workplace.
  • Get a chance to improve the quality of your life and to focus on your own development and goals.

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