Evergreen? So keen

Expressive people want to have fun and popularity. Build rapport with them with these tips.

Red present? So efficient

The Driver looks for results and to be in charge. Get the best out of him/ her with this summary guide.

Found Yellow? You’re fellow

Amiable people look for security, stability, and conflict free environments. Follow these tips when dealing with them.

Painted Blue? Thorough too

Analytical people look for details and want recognition. Follow this personality guide when you deal with them.

Personality Types

There are four main personality types based on behavior. These are: Driver, Amiable, Analytical and Expressive.

Blue: Analytical

Analytical people are persistent, cautious but reserved. They are questioning, thorough and disciplined. At the same time, they are perfectionist, introverted and rigid.   How to balance Our advice is to listen attentively. Keep to the facts, even if you don’t agree with them. Share information and be open to others. Speak more and relax. Show…

Green: Expressive

Expressive people are extrovert and could look crazy, especially to someone calm. They are usually sociable, enthusiastic and supportive. Meanwhile, they may act arrogant, manipulative dreamer. How to balance Our advice is to gain composure. Ask questions to solve problems. Learn to concentrate. Listen more. Check details and set goals. Write notes down. Stay calm….

Yellow: Amiable

Amiable people care for relations. They are usually stable, loyal, diplomatic and cooperative. At the same time, they can be indecisive, trusting and laid back.   How to balance Our advice is to reassure and support. How? • Speed up with “fast” people. • Take control occasionally. • Talk more and listen less. • Be assertive….

Red: Driver

People with the Driver personality style are high achievers and highly assertive. So, they are result-oriented, determined and objective. However, they may turn dominating, unbending and impatient.   How to balance: Our advice is to remain assertive and firm, while having a solution to the problem. Take time to listen to others’ ideas. Slow down…