Screen or Scream?

Millennials grew up collecting and exchanging stickers of Pokémons. Now they capture them to fight in the battle field and win the game. The Pokémon GO craze relates years of research about the effect of screen violence on kids: how does the increase in available media violence affect children?

A Positive Journey

Thinking positive is your choice. Check this slideshow and try the method. Get in this journey and ride the seas of uncertainty with a positive mind.

B+ Change your life!

Positive energy has tremendous effects on your mind and life. It is an emotional state that can transform your life, and it’s been proven by research. Find out more about the benefits of positive thinking and how to bring in this power into your daily practices – even when it’s the most difficult time in your life.

Mind you?

Steps to develop mindfulness, a quality that will help you focus on the current to get results, instead of being overwhelmed.