Positive energy has tremendous effects on your mind and life. It is an emotional state that can transform your life, and it’s been proven by research. Once you decide to look at the green side of the fence, you automatically program your mind to accept the situation and make the best out of it.


Benefits of Positive Thinking

  1. Increased flexibility: Flexible people can adjust to the situation to make the best out of it. They can reach their desired outcomes, because they enjoy great behavioral resilience.
  2. Improved EQ: Positive people are thoughtful, and they can step into someone else’s shows. This leads them to building rapport with different people and getting common results.
  3. Honoring values: Constructive people are good at defining their values. They can work per the system even when it’s the most difficult time in their life.
  4. Ongoing will: Because they are optimistic in nature, they never give up even if they fall. They simply learn from unpleasant experiences and move on. Also, they remember the spring in full colors to keep going.


All the Difference in Positive Thinking
To transfer from a negative mindset to positive thinking, you need to understand your present state. Let’s take this example. You are on a sea cruise and it’s a sunny day. All of a sudden, the wind blows and the captain asks everyone to follow safety procedures and to stay in their cabins. Now, you have one of two options: you can either complain about the weather or make the best out of the day.

Think for a while. You are down in the sea! What can you do? Only little since you can’t change the weather and you can’t jump out of the ship. But, what you can do is to define your desire outcome. Ask yourself  why you took this cruise in the first place and remain focused on the end result. Achieve it within the tools and techniques you have.

Put your goal in positive terms. Say “I want to have fun” and avoid saying “I don’t want this trip to be ruined because of the storm”. Ask yourself questions about what makes you happy and if you would like to spend this time with someone or by your own. Think of resource states that you would like to access, like curiosity, fun or playfulness.


Accessing States
Let’s say you want to access curiosity and learning. So you remember reading an article about a young lady that travelled around the world, and how this made you feel at that time. You saw yourself cursing around the world, discovering the treasures of every country, hearing the roars of the angry sea in dark nights and still surviving. You could still feel the victory after each trip as you were meeting new cultures and different people.

Now, you can feel the thrills of your imaginary adventures and the splashes on your face. So you are little worried about the storm. And since reading is your passion, you brought a travel magazine with you. Go, get it and read through.

If reading is not your pleasure, think of another state you would love to anchor. Maybe you would like sketch a caricature if you want to be playful, or have coffee with your neighbors if you want to be sociable. Think, experience and act.  Indulge yourself completely in the experience. See it. Hear it. Feel it. And stay positive.

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