pexels-photo-28462How to act with the Analytical?
The Analytical looks for details and wants recognition. So, when talking to them,
• Be precise and focus on the task.
• Don’t get too personal.
• Speak process and answer “how” questions
• State and analyze detailed facts logically
• Give options with pros and cons
• Allow them to work slowly, precisely and alone
• Ensure security and self-actualization
• Compliment the precision and accuracy of the completed work
• Expect to repeat what you said.

hands-desk-office-workingEmail Tips
1. Acknowledge their accuracy as intro
2. Provide some details on partners, cost and Return on Investment (ROI).
3. Provide further info with attachments and justify why your option was recommended
4. Provide extra details and give a hint on more info accessibility.
5. Specify the required.
6. Provide further analytical info.

Summary Guide to Analytical

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