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pexels-photo-largeHow to act with the Amiable?
The Amiable looks for security, stability, and conflict-free environment. So, when talking to them,
• Build rapport. Show similarities.
• Have a small, friendly chat. Do not jump to business immediately.
• Emphasize the social value of business subject.
• Show how these ideas worked well in the past.
• Indicate support from well-respected people.
• Be soft, cooperative and helpful.
• Be casual and informal in writing, and use diplomatic language.

hands-coffee-cup-appleEmail Tips
1. Have a small, friendly personal intro.
2. Give some background info and the help required in an informal tone.
3. Highlight effect on people. Better from experience.
4. Mention partners. It helps if they know them already.
5. Show a cooperative approach when stating you are available for further info.

Summary Guide to Amiable

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