marketing-man-person-communication-largeHow to act with the Expressive?
The Expressive wants to have fun and popularity. So, when talking to them,
• Build rapport
• Show personal interest. Compliment them
• Allow time for discussion.
• Ask for their input.
• Do not get impatient if they change the topic.
• Broaden the subject or turn it into a story.
• Stress the uniqueness of the topic.
• Emphasize future value of the idea.

hands-coffee-smartphone-technologyEmail Tips
• Start with a personal greeting.
• Draw the big picture.
• Refer to strategy or the future.
• Tell them who is involved.
• Share with them other people’s opinions.
• Ask for their input.
• Give a hint of how impressive and unique the project is and build excitement.

Summary Guide to Expressive

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